Rental rates we use in Rent4Days

Short term rental
This type of rental requires a license and special permits. If you are interested in this type of rental, we must first study your specific case to determine whether the property is licensed and has the correct permissions. This type of accommodation offers higher profits than a conventional rental and our service covers the management of this whole process. It allows a more flexible and secure rental and we will take care that the floor is at all times in perfect condition for the next tenant, covering any damage or imperfection that the tenant may cause, with the deposit provided before entering the house.

Rental average stay (mandatory minimum duration of 31 days)
These rentals don’t require any special permission from the state, regional or municipal level, but still each case is studied. This type of rent is more profitable for long term rents. Depending on the property and the time of year, the owner can get between 50% and 100% more than renting in the long run. However, a visit to the property would be needed to determine the exact amount. This kind of rent is more flexible and secure, also in this case we charge all bookings always safely and a deposit is required to the tenant to cover damage or imperfections.

Long term rentals
In addition to the managing of the short-term lease we also handle long-term lease and trying the whole process during the hire following period.

Sale of apartments or houses.