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Rent4Days is a platform for the promoting of properties with one of the best positions in Google, which stands out for its ease use and efficient management landlord-tenant, maximizing the scope and visibility of the properties from our same portal. We have a broadcast channel ad and we collaborate with other portals making an easier and efficient synchronization of our calendars with other websites or companies dedicated to the short or medium stay costumers.

Regarding our fees, we offer two types of services:

Marketing: Rent4Days is responsible for advertising and promoting your property through our portal. For this service, Rent4Days charge 20% of the total value of the booking at the time the customer’s payment is made.

Integrated management: Rent4Days handles aspects such as receiving the tenant (check in), the departure of the tenant (check out), control the owners intranet and the organization of cleanings. This service is compensated with 30% of the total value of the booking at the time the customer leaves and finished the payment.

Rent4Days can arrange the license for your apartment in Madrid for 338 € or provide the necessary to expedite the process as the possible documentation, as our goal is to help as much as possible to optimize the rents of the property, trying to get an attractive product for the tenant and thus achieve the maximum possible occupation.

In order to be able to start working on your property we will need to attach the following information on the e-mail indicating the property to be treated.

* Good quality pictures
Try to capture the small details and make sure the images have a good quality, and a minimum resolution of 1400x1050px. Since photographs are of great importance for guests. You can request our free photo service at the indicated mail and a Rent4Days agent will materialize a date with photographers to visit your apartment.

* Documentation
Good quality photograph or a scan image of your ID or NIF.
Good quality photograph or a scan image of the first sheet of the writings or IBI that accredits the necessary powers to rent the same.
Number of tourist license or scanner image of the decree in Madrid.

* Features of the property and details
I beg you to go to the next link to fill in our form of recruitment, which will facilitate the necessary information for the publication of your property.

As soon as we receive the specified above, we will contact you to confirm the receipt and start working on the commercial exploitation of the property, then we will create you an access to the intranet through which you can monitor or self-manage your property, according to the contracted service.

Do not hesitate to contact technical support at the phone +34 674008508 if you need help to carry out any step, we will be happy to help.